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Player Evaluations

2017-2018 Season Player Evaluation and Team Placement Information

The Player Evaluation sessions for the 2017-2018 season will be held in July. Team rosters will be posted in the Teams section of the website as soon as they are available.

  • Returning players should wear their uniforms from this past season.
  • New players should wear a uniform or t-shirt with a number on it for easy identification by the panel.
  • Check in with the Jr. Cougar Director 10 minutes prior to your session, and be READY TO START at your grade's designated time.


Grade ('17-'18) Dates Times Location
3rd & 5th Grades July 17
July 27
5:30-6:45PM Harding Middle School
4th & 6th Grades July 17
July 27
6:45-8:00PM Harding Middle School
7th & 8th Grades July 17
July 27
8:00-9:15PM Harding Middle School

This program only works by the dedication and availabililty of volunteer coaches. If volunteer coaches aren't available, we won't be able to have teams. Please consider coaching or assisting with your team.

Player Evaluation

Evaluations for team placement will be held for all players in the program. A panel of 3-5 experienced basketball individuals will help determine team placement for players based on performance demonstrated in the evaluations. This panel will consist of objective, non-grade related individuals with significant basketball experience who will evaluate the players based on specific criteria.

The panel will evaluate the players on the following individual skills and assign point values to each: Ball Handling. Shooting. Defense. The panel will also evaluate the players during 3-on-3 and/or 5-on-5 scrimmages and assign point values to these categories.  The panel's ratings will be averaged and totaled for each player.

Players must be present for at least one evaluation session and are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions (if more than one are scheduled) so the panel can get an accurate view of each player's skill level.

Team Placement

Depending on the number of players registered in each grade, multiple teams may be formed with a target number of 3 teams per grade level. The maximum number of players on any team will be limited to 10. The target team size will be 8 players but teams may be realigned by the Jr. Cougar Board if needed. Evaluation results will be used to form the teams in each grade as follows:

3RD  Grade: Team 1 will be formed with the top 8 players based on the evaluation results. Teams 2 and 3 will be formed by dividing the players outside the top 8 and placing them on two teams with the intent to form two competitive, balanced teams of similar skill. If there enough players for a 4th team, Team 4 will consist of players outside the top 24 and serve as an instructional team focused on basic fundamentals and skill development.

4TH - 8TH Grade: Team 1 will be formed with the top 8 players based on the evaluation results. Team 2 will consist of the next 8-10 players based on the evaluation results. Team 3 will consist of the next 8-10 players based on the evaluation results. If there are enough players to form a 4th team, Team 4 will be an instructional team focused on basic fundamentals and skill development.

All Grade Levels: Based on the evaluation results, the Jr. Cougar program will assist coaches in establishing developmental goals for practice, and help guide coaches to appropriate league and tournament competition.

Any player wanting to join the Jr. Cougar program after the evaluations have taken place but before the season has started will be assigned to a team if space is available. If all teams are full, the players will be placed on a waiting list until enough players are available for a new team to be formed.

Once the season has started, the rules above will apply but the final decision to add a player will be at the coach's discretion. Please see the Player Evaluations page for more detailed information.


All players must be registered with the Jr. Cougar program PRIOR TO THE EVALUATIONS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Dates for registering players and ordering practice gear, uniforms (if needed), and other equipment will be communicated on the website.

Any player wanting to join the Jr. Cougar program after the evaluations will be allowed in the program per the criteria explained above in the Player Evaluation and Team Placement section.

Jr. Cougar Basketball uses an online registration system. Registration for the 2017-2018 season is open from May 1 to June 22, 2017. Registration is now closed. Please contact the Director for your grade if you have any questions.

2017-2018 Registration Fees: $200 per player.

After several years of feedback from coaches and parents, we are modifying the Jr. Cougar Registration fee for the 2017-2018 season. To better represent the overall cost of participation in the Jr. Cougar Boys Basketball program and to reduce some of the initial administrative responsibilities coaches have in collecting team fees for leagues and tournaments, Jr. Cougar Basketball registration is now $200/player. The $200 fee is NOT an increase in fees from prior years but rather a combination of registration fees and team participation fees that were collected separately in prior years. A breakdown of the $200 fee is as follows:

  • Registration Fees - $60. This portion of the fee goes towards covering the numerous Jr. Cougar Basketball program costs including but not limited to practice gear, pictures, facilities insurance, year-end awards and banquet.
  • Team Participation Fee - $140. At the beginning of the season, each team will receive $140 per active player to cover league and tournament registration costs.

Jr. Cougar team budgets can range from $1,000-$2,000 per season. This change will provide coaches with the resources to build a schedule and register for tournaments/leagues at the beginning of the season. Each team will determine if $140/player is sufficient to cover their team budget or if additional funds are required during the season. Coaches may also refund families for any unused team fees. The $200 Cougar registration fee is non-refundable after player evaluations in July.

Uniforms for new players or existing players (if needed) are an additional expense but ordered through the Jr. Cougar program. 2017-2018 uniform costs will be approximately $80 if ordered at the sizing dates. Sizing dates are yet to be determined, and will be posted in the Current Information column of the site.