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Junior Cougars Basketball

The FUTURE of Kennedy Basketball!


What is a Jr. Cougar Basketball Player?


Jr. Cougar Players work at playing inspired basketball. They want to be the best, respect the play of others and are open to learning and striving to improve.


Jr. Cougar players are focused on learning and executing the fundamentals of basketball. Jr. Cougar players will work to handle the ball well, will become strong on defense, and are students of the game. Jr. Cougar players demonstrate skills that allow them to play competitively.


Jr. Cougar Players always exhibit good sportsmanship. Jr. Cougar players play the game as it was designed to be played. Jr. Cougar players will learn how to work-hard and play-hard. They are willing to put in the practice time, often away from formal practices, to become great players.


Jr. Cougar players are "coachable". They respect their coaches' knowledge and judgement. They listen and follow instructions on and off the court. Jr. Cougar players execute offenses and defenses as designed. During games, Jr. Cougar players listen for coaching and adjust. All Jr. Cougar players pay attention to instructions, whether they are in the game at the time or not.


Jr. Cougar players are good athletes. They look forward to working out and playing together. They often excel in other sports. Jr. Cougar players have a strong foundation in cardiovascular fitness and stay in shape. Since practices focus on learning how to play, this fitness is accomplished outside of practice time.

Strength of Character

Jr. Cougar players are good citizens. They show good character at all times, on and off the court. Jr. Cougar players do the right thing, because it's the right thing to do. Jr. Cougar players can match the intensity of any team in a game. They do not cheat, play dirty or intentionally foul other players.

Family Support

Jr. Cougar players have strong family support. This is necessary to practice and play at the highest levels. Parents understand the sacrifice needed to get their children to practice and games. Jr. Cougar families attend games, support other athletes and support the coaching staff.

Heart of a Champion

Jr. Cougar players focus on how to execute, play fundamentally strong, and have fun. Jr. Cougar players believe in themselves and dare to think big.

Commitment and Loyalty

Jr. Cougar players are committed to the team and loyal to the program. Jr. Cougar players know they can discuss concerns and needs with their coaches.

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Cedar Rapids Junior Cougars Basketball

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Cedar Rapids Junior Cougars Basketball

Please see the Contact Info page in the About Us section for more details. 

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